Changes that would make server better

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Changes that would make server better

Post by wikte on Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:42 pm

Item Auction (Item Broker) should be removed and already bought ones confiscated. There is no point in this one since the first one to bid 2B will win and items worth much more than that.

NPC Buffer is quite meaningless since it has basics and they 1lvl only. Make full buffer or add offline buff shops.

! And + chats should be made to global for communication.

Cat consumable / rcp / mats shop is 100x price, that's too much, I advice to make it 20x.

Drop spoil need to be fixed, rates are really big, but it's only amounts, while chance is low, 40x item drop, but the chance is like 0.1% that is bad.

Global gatekeeper for some far teleports.

Extend sub lvl limit from 80 to 85.


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